September 30, 2006

My Touchstones

Constantin Brancusi - The Kiss - 1908
When my senses explode, overrunning time and space,
When my hopes rule my mind, vanquishing all fears,
And my trust stands up, to overcome all pains,
I am a woman in love.

When he offers me shelter, to ride out the storm,
When he opens his arms, to give me his warmth,
And strokes my hair, to role away stones,
I can feel his love.

When our souls unite, unveiling our dreams,
When our hearts transcend, allowing us to see,
And our strengths work, to meet our common needs,
We are partners in love.



~ by Kimberly Tork & Paul Martin ~

Inside I have this thing that empowers me,
A guiding force from well within,
I will let you borrow it for awhile,
Dormant knowledge instinctively known,
A passionate balance evolved from ink and hope

Together as one the path is now much clearer.
We can nearly see the other side.
So steer us both, I quickly long to say,
I've seen inside your caring soul of flame and honor.

Do you feel the heat of my compass sway,
Does it measure up to something meaningful?
Do I move with you, from your first course of direction,
Does it recognize the tune within, that it longs to obey?

I crawled up to a mountain top, just to whisper this burning,
This longing, a yearning so strong it is pure desire
I create here a place for my changing existence,
In this life always learning each step of the way.

I write words with the fire of passion on this unconquered stone,
My secrets fumble with scratches as I scrape up the strength,
I knew you watched me there, climbing together in thoughts alone,
From united worlds so far out there, it seems only a hundred feet away.

I walk back to you, I know you know what drives me
To see what you have done with what I bestowed upon you,
You never disappoint me, you can just tell how I am feeling
Let us set sail now! you tell me, I always feel exactly the same.

As long as you don't forget this and maroon me later on,
We should never have blinding bouts of doubt about our beliefs
But I take my chances, you guide the way as I go with the flow
I will conquest the direction that I have long laid out.

With you here next to me, I can see more clearly now,
To control and mold my masterful passions from deep within,
I explore all my options as you shine the guiding light
There is nothing to stare at but rippling waves and the clouds up high.

The black eyed sky stares back at us now, your compass pulsates
Mine beating in tandem, I am right beside you as we see the future
Please tell me how you knew the way through all those stormy waters
Now merging together, as we land at life's horizon,
In our dreams for passion we are happily united


"Compass" was co-written and published by Kimberly Tork (unveilingdominion) and Paul Martin (Poetical) on September 28, 2006 at Poetry Junction´s ~ The Poems Forum, where I am a happy member, too :-)

I love this poem, it´s brilliant!
Thanks to both of you for granting me a licence for my Wonderland!

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September 17, 2006

The Light Of Real

The night is heavy, thick, unclear,
Cold sweat invades our minds,
His heart is beating, like an engine
Keeping him alive.

In darkness whispered words, a song,
To smoothe the razor´s cut.
It´s our attempt to stretch the time
While running out of luck.

Distorted scenes on glassy bottom,
Hearts laid on the line.
I am unable to express
The storm I feel inside.

Instead my senses try to print
All that we used to be.
His vivid spirit, loving eyes
that used to look at me.

When tears erupt of burning souls
Then sorrow´s surely real?
When all that´s left are gasped words
Despair is surely clear?

I sweep myself out on the street
Where life will take what´s due.
Debuggers running in my mind
Deceiving all my view.

The same old sun is shining here,
It has no other choice.
Some things have changed, others remained
And I still hear his voice.

But oh! Erosion yet begins
Its aching daily fight
Against all trust in blithely love
That used to shine so bright.

A spoil heap built of broken dreams
Of everyone engaged.
I mourn for him, for us, and those
We hurt and we enraged.

Meanwhile, all doors and windows shut,
He looks for peace of mind
Seeks for forgiveness and a way
To leave me far behind.

I jump into a frozen lake
In order to awake.
My blood is pulsing in my veines,
My life is coming back.

And then, I sense my family´s care
I feel my friends´ esteem,
I hold my dying grandma´s hand
I sing my child to dreams.

Will it be easier to stick
To comfort situations?
Will it be easier to go
For simple explanations?

And to forget or to destroy
Those memories of love,
And to forget or to deny
intensity and warmth?

The truth is relatively vague,
a stranger to all lovers,
It´s only in the light of real
That we may lift the covers.

For now, we´ll walk on cattery-cornered,
Facing slippery slopes,
And fruitful grapes shall ripe again
At least these are our hopes.

Three stiches needed for our wounds
To heal from all this mess,
One is compassion, one is time,
The third is tenderness.

September 16, 2006

Quotation of the Day

"A man marries to have a home,
but also because he doesn't want to be bothered with sex
and all that sort of thing. "

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)

Bless you, Mr Maugham, for being so clear-sighted and cristal-clear!!! :-P

September 02, 2006

Scene With Miranda And Ferdinand, 1782

"Scene With Miranda And Ferdinand"
by Angelika Kauffmann, 1782

These Knotty Love Ciphers

Once again, my friend, once again and once more
I must shut my eyes to see,
For your words, my dear, and conclavian games
Form a Babylonian tree.

Can´t you feel, beloved, can´t you sense, can´t you feel
That this bond is still uncrowned?
And that songs, my heart, many songs and fine tales
Full of colour are left to sound?

Don´t you know, my love, don´t you know, don´t you see
That salvation isn´t free?
Why not try, my sweet, why not stand up and blaze
Some new trails for you and me?

If you choose, my friend, if you fall back and choose
To return into dusted rooms,
You may lose, my dear, you may lose once again
All your sight, independence and bloom.

You´ll be locked, poor you, you´ll be trapped and be locked
In an endless loop of plea.
And you´ll miss, my heart, you will miss and forget
What the savour of life could be.

“As for me, my love”, says the lioness queen,
“I shall cover the looking glass,
For my heart, beloved, for my heart and my soul
Need to lay on prospering grass.”


Was ´t well done?;-)