December 24, 2006

Fisherman´s Cottage by Grundyfoot


One Fine Day

One fine day I´ll be living at the seaside
In an old stone house soaked with salt and sand.
I´ll be listening to the sound of his melodious voice
And the words falling dancing from his mind.

The sea breeze will brush wildflowers and grasses
In the vibrant meadow of our late summer days,
I know, they´ll be ringing with our children´s laughter
For understanding is rooted within all man.

At night, we will cocoon inside our briny shell
With hands entwined and leaping hearts.
I may invite him to join me for some passionate spell,
Or to rock me to sleep in his healing arms.

Even bleak winds and currents won´t alter our delight
In assembling the conundrum´s pieces of our lives,
Instead we´ll enjoy the colour range of all days and nights
And let ourselves grow with the course of the tides.

Yes, one fine day we´ll be living at the seaside
Whatever accountants or fortune tellers may predict.
Moreover; hush...this is a secret! when that day arrives
Our hair will still glow with streaks of golden wheat.


written on 21 November 2006 by Alice McDuff

December 06, 2006

Entwined Fragility

for my sister
Dragonfly, you came to her
Who´s been dreaming you
Long since.

If your tiny heart could count
The many hours that she has spent
Longing for you
To chose her,
To move her,
To grow her
In innocence and peace;

Would you decide to blow its little spark, and freeze?
Or would you settle down for good, responsive to her pleas?

December 01, 2006

Lucky Beggar

"So tell me", he asks, "do you like to cook?",
Giving her some fresh-furtive glance.
"I don´t know", she replies, "but I sure like to kiss,
to sing in the mist, and to dance."

"But how about mastering needle and thread?"
He enquires, with a flickering sigh.
"No idea", she says, "but I sure like to bath
in the tub while keeping my tights."

"Are you skilled in the garden, my love?", he pursues,
With a tender wink of an eye."
"I can´t tell", she smiles, "but I sure like to lay
in the grass to watch glow-worms pass by."

"Well then", he concludes, "come and sit on my lap,
Abduct me into your states."
"With pleasure!", she laughs, "And when we come back
I will cook you a large cutlet plate."

Alice McDuff