March 17, 2007

Abacus ~ skidder


One and one makes two, they say
But sometimes it makes three;
And sometimes three makes only two
Although no one can see.

Two and two is four, they add -
The perfect family picture!
What´s not shown is the fifth one
Who´s not part of the fixture.

Six over two makes three, I see!
At least that is for real.
Well, in my view it´s good to know
For flighty matching deals.

Two times four is equal eight,
Sometimes it´s called a clan.
Often you´ll see the joyous troup
Move in a giant van.

Today, I learned that three and one
Might sum up to be four…
The world stood still for countless snatches,
Life will teach me more.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Alice McDuff ~ 16 March 2007