September 26, 2008

Bold and Beautiful

Sea, old sea,
Please hear my plea,
Wash over me, all over me.

Sea, bold sea,
Come speak to me
And tell me of your mystery.

Sea, deep sea,
Take back that key
And make a clean sweep of me.

Sea, green sea,

Unleash your gleam
Roll over and enrapture me.

Alice McDuff ~ 2008


Work in progress

Tausend Tage
Tausend Fragen
Tausendmal lieben
Tausendmal Stille ertragen
Tausendfach darüber nachdenken
Tausendfach ein Lächeln verschenken.

Tausend Tage
Tausend Gedanken
Tausendmal wünschen
Tausendmal leise wanken
Tausendfach das Herz befragen
Tausendfach ins Träumen geraten.

Tausend Tage
Tausend Visionen
Tausendmal leben
Tausendmal Illusionen
Tausendfach nach Glück streben
Tausendfach dem Schicksal begegnen.

Alice McDuff ~ 26. September 2008

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"The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death" (Oscar Wilde ~ Salome ~ 1905)

September 25, 2008

Most Of The Time

by Bob Dylan

Most of the time
I'm clear focused all around,
Most of the time
I can keep both feet on the ground,
I can follow the path, I can read the signs,
Stay right with it, when the road unwinds,
I can handle whatever I stumble upon,
I don't even notice she's gone,
Most of the time.

Most of the time
It's well understood,
Most of the time
I wouldn't change it if I could,
I can't make it all match up, I can hold my own,
I can deal with the situation right down to the bone,
I can survive, I can endure
And I don't even think about her
Most of the time.

Most of the time
My head is on straight,
Most of the time
I'm strong enough not to hate.
I don't build up illusion 'till it makes me sick,
I ain't afraid of confusion no matter how thick
I can smile in the face of mankind.
Don't even remember what her lips felt like on mine
Most of the time.

Most of the time
She ain't even in my mind,
I wouldn't know her if I saw her
She's that far behind.
Most of the time
I can't even be sure
If she was ever with me
Or if I was with her.

Most of the time
I'm halfway content,
Most of the time
I know exactly where I went,
I don't cheat on myself, I don't run and hide,
Hide from the feelings, that are buried inside,
I don't compromise and I don't pretend,
I don't even care if I ever see her again
Most of the time.


My all-time favourite track by Bob Dylan. Always a source of inspiration.

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