March 25, 2009

Through The Looking Glass

Alice has left this blog.

It is not known whether she left deliberately, or whether she was forced to leave - or simply faded... Some state that she has been abducted, but this remains mere speculation with no available factual support. According to a another, more likely (yet controversial) version, Alice has been observed as she stepped through her looking glass, whilst singing the following verses:

Lady Alice was sitting in her bower window,
At midnight mending her quoif;
And there she saw as fine a corpse
As ever she saw in her life.

'What bear ye, what bear ye, ye six men tall?
What bear ye on your shoulders?'
'We bear the corpse of Giles Collins,
An old and true lover of yours.'

'O, lay him down gently, ye six men tall,
All on the grass so green,
And to-morrow when the sun goes down,
Lady Alice a corpse shall be seen.

'And bury me in Saint Mary's Church,
All for my love so true;
And make me a garland of marjoram,
And of lemon thyme, and rue.'

Giles Collins was buried all in the east,
Lady Alice all in the west;
And the roses that grew on Giles Collins's grave,
They reached Lady Alice's breast.

There blew a cold wind of dishonesty,
And severed those roses in twain.
Which never there was seen before,

And it never will again.

Or was it another song she sang, maybe this one?


"Still she haunts me, phantomwise,

Alice moving under skies

Never seen by waking eyes."

March 20, 2009

Tribute To A Pen Friend

I have a pen friend, he´s American and his name is Gavin, George or Gideon (for editorial reasons, I will say that his name is Gideon, I like this name, Gideon as *Gideon Bellefleur*).

Gideon is a talented poet and imaginative man who pretends to be a real estate manager (although he´d surely be insistent that he´s a talented and imaginative real estate manager who tries to be a poet). He alternatively spents his days putting other people´s homes to the hammer (a very lucrative business in the U.S. these days!) or watching the californian sea (at least that´s how I like to imagine him), and his nights writing poems, watching thunderstorms or pondering about me!

HAHA, joking aside - let me rephrase this: he spents a relevant part of his nights writing pretty interesting stuff. Well, some may say that men aren´t multitasking but Gideon surely is, as he is able to make money, write a handful of beautiful end rhymes that would - each of them - perfectly work as song lyrics, and at the same time send me two e-mails in one hour - one filled with agnostic theories about the Creator he pretends not to believe in but calls the *Big Guy* (how do you know God´s a guy, Gideon?), and the other one with fantasies about inventive salad creations and other yummy things.

Gideon is someone who doesn´t hide. He´s not afraid of advancing his opinions. When he thinks or wants something, he spells it out clearly (which can be pretty wild sometimes, but he knows I can take it!). Still there are many things you won´t know about him at first sight, things you have to fight your way through to get to know about. When he doesn´t want you to get to know about certain things, he cuts them short though, but won´t just sweep them under the carpet. Just like me, he likes to control and settle things at his own pace, that is: quickly! He has the ability to see things from different angles and to empathise with things and people. It´s this special mixture of qualities that makes talking to him so interesting. He´s American in an Obama-like sense, in the best sense of the word American.

So I feel I can believe him when he says he likes me. I like him too:-). He´s the only men who will answer an average boring letter from me by sending two entertaining masterpieces of his own! He takes the time to care and make me laugh. We have spent over two years carefully getting to know each other (though right from the start, it was pretty clear to both of us that we are cut from the same cloth!), and have now come to a point where we trust each other. Our penpalship works because we know about its strengths and possibilities, but also about its riks and limits. Moreover, because we decided to respect its taboos (however, taboos are a matter of constant re-definition here).

What I admire most about Gideon though is the way he can write a soundful lyrical pearl in just one hour, using a language that is unique but at the same time accessible to a broader public. No clichés whatsoever though. Whereas my poems probably have too much of complicated "thinking outside the box" (and therefore mostly fail), his writes always offer a light bulb moment without ever being ordinary. A difficult tightrope walk that he brought to perfection! Example: I was thinking about writing a poem about vampires when I bumped into one of his latest writes: Vampire´s Memories. When I read it I instantly thought `OK, forget it Alice, there can be no better way to put this subject into poetry! Dark but exciting, instinctive but perfectly structured, complex but comprehensible. One of your best, Gideon! It is pinned down in my memory.

So this was a tribute to you, G. Thanks for being out there and holding on to me!:-)

x Alice