February 10, 2010

About Love

When did YOU last hear somebody tell you "I love you" - for the first time?


Last week was a difficult, an exhausting week! The cold, the snow, a lot of work, many deadlines, changes, multiplied lack of sleep, piercing eye teeth and the terrible twos didn´t make it easier.

And the day before yesterday, it seemed as if everything reached a peak: So I literally passed out, at least momentarily... that happened in front of my computer at work, not in the car, thank God!

In the evening, I tried to put my little girl to sleep. But she obviously had something to settle at first. She was excited, and though she already speaks quite well, even 3 or 4 word sentences (sort of "sentences") she´s only 21 months old. So she obviously had to centre herself, and concentrate. First of all, she forced me to calm down. She said (in German): "Mama da liegen!" (Translation: "Lay down here Mum!") and pointed at my bed. Then she climbed the bed, cuddled up to me as close as possible and exclaimed, with a deep sigh: "Meine Mama! MEINE Mama! MEINE MAMA!" ("My Mum! MY Mum! MY MUM!"). Her rosy, little face came even closer, she put her cheek to my cheek - peaches and cream

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