February 03, 2010

Nothing Broke

Nobody knows
Nobody cares
Nobody bothers to ask
Nobody dares

What an easy answer
It would be: inside of me
Nothing broke, you see?

If the key got lost
I have the double
I kept it through
Any kind of trouble

I wear it on my chest
Close to my heart
Between my small breasts

Right there it is:
Warm, full and clear
It´s alive, it´s real
It doesn´t count or deal

It is simply love
Nothing more or less
It´s an imperative feeling
Not a game of chess

So truly, by now
Guess it´s needless to say:
Nothing broke forever
Today is just another day.


Alice McDuff – 3 February 2010

photo by squeakypeach4


Gaurav said...

Nice work Alice. Another poem which gives a sort of pleasant feeling once read. How have you been?

I have been busy lately with work and study, but I feel the need to update my blogs soon. Will do so later this week.


Alice McDuff said...

Thank you Gaurav!

I´m fine, thanks, but have been very busy with work over the winter. So I had too little time for writing poetry or other stuff of my own.

"Nothing Broke" had been simmering in the backgroud of my mind for some time, but was cooked - sorry, written - in about 5 minutes!:-)
I always write down my poems pretty quickly, it usually takes me ten minutes or half an hour to pen down the first draft (usually half asleep during the night or while driving my car), then I put it to rest for a day or two before doing the touch-up. Hereafter, I noticed that the more I keep changing, the worse it gets! So I stick to that *automatic writing thing*, because there seems to be no other way for me to write anyway, it is something that just "comes over me" and has to be done instantly, otherwise it´s lost or spoiled, most of the time.

How about you? How do you write?? What are you doing, workwise?

I will check your page later, anyway!

All the best,

xx Alice

Gaurav said...

In 5 mins! That's awesome! You must have a really good imagination to come up with poems on such a short time. I usually take hours but I usually write it at work, for sake of some recreation.

I am studying as well as working as a math professor presently. Math gets my head a bit saturated sometimes and so I write poetry.

Alice McDuff said...

I suppose I SHOULD take more time to touch my poems up, that would make them much better (especially the English ones!), but I simply can´t. One of my worst qualities is *inmpatience*, plus I am a very impulsive and instinctive person - when it comes to writing... so it has to be done quickly!! And I don´t even think that my poems are made up of imagination, rather of a loose combination of thoughts, dreams, memories, insights, musings, punnings...

So you´re a mathematician, that´s interesting! I can´t even put two and two together:-) But my 6 year old son is a little math genius, he has mastered his first year schoolwork in only 3 months and is now doing maths with 4th grade students.

How comes you speak such good English? Is that common for Indian math students;-)?

x Alice