April 17, 2010

How it was, how it might have been, how it is, how it could be, how it ought to be...


Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Film Music
Best Screenplay 

Highly recommended!!!



April 13, 2010

April 07, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

Hello Sunshine!

There you are, finally back! Ushering spring in! How wonderful!!! I love spring time. It is my favourite time of the year, really.

Temperatures are rising, birds are singing, flowers are peeking, people are falling in love all over the place - isn´t it wonderful?

Well! I have to make a confession: I am getting that spring feeling too. And I have just fallen in love, head over heals. To be honest, it already happened over the winter (that endless, dreadful, fucking cold winter). My intriguingly good-looking colleague from work asked me out for dinner last Tuesday, but I had to decline: "Sorry, I already have a date."
"Do I know him ?", he asked?
I blushed, answering: "Oh well, yeah, probably. He is quite famous, ya know?"
"Oh really? What´s his name, then?"
"His name is House. As in house. He´s a doctor", I proudly exclaimed. "Dr Gregory House!"
My very nice-looking colleague (tall & slim, Greek profile, full hair elegantly turning grey, unhappily married - of course) just stared at me.
"You mean that Dr. House, the one from the TV soap?"
"It´s not a soap!" My voice was close to hysteria. "It´s a cult programme!"
Silence, another stunned glance. But my temper had been unleashed.
"In case you didn´t notice: the programme itself is cult, it´s subversive, intelligent, inspired, genuine entertainment at its best, and Dr. House himself is the sexiest male character in global TV ever!"

That was bound to raise his eyebrows: "Are we talking about the same person - that vicious, limping, drug-addict psycho with the haggard face pretending to be someone special, someone different from the infantry, phhh...! "
"Right! He´s edgy in every possible sense, and that is exactly what makes him so attractive!" My face was glowing with excitement. "But you are a man, you simply can´t understand."

The next day, that same colleague entered my office room, waving a sheet of paper in front of my nose:
"Do you know what this is, eh? It´s survey result, saying that Dr. House has a viewing rate of 33% amongst the 14-49-year old. And 66% of them are bored females in their pre-menopause! Let´s face it, Alice: Dr. House is plainly mainstream, he is mainstream, and you are in the middle of mainstream!" He didn´t say that I was actually mainstream myself, but he surely meant it.

Right. OK.

I generally do not respond to this kind of cockiness. I know it´s all impudence out of jealousy and conceit. I stand by my doctor. I´m even willing to share him with all the other females. Maybe I´ll meet him one day, or at least another male being of his kind... who knows? I won´t stop looking for it, I´m sure it will happen one day, maybe this year, maybe at the rest home.

Wherever, whenever... heaven knows! But hey, Sunshine! I´m keeping my eyes peeled:-)