November 25, 2016

The One

You were the one
The one I wasn´t ready for
You were the one
The one who shook me to the core.

A parc in spring
Wild parrots flying high
Did you see what I saw
When you pointed at the sky?

Blindfolded, you made me scream
With a cruel smile, you tore me upside down,
inside out, into the dark night of the soul...
You made me feel. I might have drowned.

I cut myself with your knife
Deep, deeper, too deep!
Sweety, you gotta embrace your pain
You gotta bleed if you wanna be free!

An easy dance for you?
Acedia... ennui... you do as you please
A fickle game for you, that is
but not for me -  I had to leave!

Today I am moving, floating
Flowing towards the sea.
The Universe is shifting fate,
The skies are embracing me.


Alice McDuff ~ 25 November 2016